Adele - 25

After all the rumours and talk of a release at various points over the last 18 months it’s finally here: 25 from Adele. And amongst all of the pre-release hype, blather, and naysaying there’s one quote that stands out once you’ve heard the album: Damon Albarn's now infamous “very middle of the road”. Because it is. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, this is very Adele. And she’s not shy about that, lead single ‘Hello’ is the track most likely to be found in the outtakes of 21. The 27 year old does mix it up slightly at times, the ‘Rolling In The Deep’-esque ‘Water Under The Bridge’ and laid back funk of ‘Send My Love (To Your New Lover)’ are both high points.

Mostly though 25 is full of those powerful vocal moments, and sad sentiments, that Christmas adverts and the X Factor like to use, delivered by their originator though they pack far more of an emotional wallop; literally Adele’s unique vocal nuances and power are impossible to copy. Songs like ‘Remedy’ will be played in bedrooms across the world. From a fan's perspective this is almost everything you could want, and record company executives must have rubbed their hands in glee at the thought of massive sales this safe sound will produce. For the rest of us though, lovely and touching as this is, it would be nice to see someone with her sheer star wattage try to add a few extra strings to their bow third time round. Very middle of the road indeed.


If you like Adele, you'll love 25.


out of 10
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