Adam Kesher - Challenging Nature

The debut from French (not that you'd know it) five-piece Adam Kesher straddles electro, indie and pop. Opener ‘Hundred Years Later’ shows the most promise, its wildly oscillating synths bearing comparison to The Knife before it suddenly leaps into a big pop chorus which is more Fenech Soler. And it’s this latter act they share rank with, the rest of Challenging Nature being much less quirky. 'Attraction' and 'Kiss Me Kinski' could make decent singles, both deliberately-paced electro-pop songs that successfully communicate the longing and sexual tension you might expect from their titles. The guitar-oriented material fails to connect in the same way though, while punk funker 'Gravy Train' is an ill-judged clattering disaster.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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