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Despite a band name which pays tribute to the undisputed King of the Jungle, Acres of Lions are much less intimidating than their namesake suggests. Much like our beloved protagonist Simba, the indie-pop quartet seem to be keen to run before they can walk. Whilst well rehearsed in their Scouting For Girls impersonation - echoing their radio-friendly chorus and often clichéd lyrics - it seems more time needs to be spent building a solid foundation for their sound rather than the haphazardly pieced together Connections. Opening line "we write books but never finish them" hits the nail on the head. Ironically, the second full length from the band has dragged out its journey across the Atlantic, having been available in its motherland for over a year.

'Fingers Crossed' is the best example of the aforementioned SFG comparison: an inoffensive piano led melody is glued together with sugary hooks and mediocre chorus. Being released on London-based independent label Fierce Panda is indeed misleading (ex-FP exports include Placebo, Ash and Supergrass). Whilst the more upbeat 'Reaction' begins to show signs of innovation with its strong percussive backbone (finger-click lovers will revel in this track), another set of predictable rhymes bring the track down a notch. There is little content here to really condemn, it's just the overall lack of vitality or spunk makes for a disappointing listen.



out of 10

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