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Yusuf Islam - New Single and Album

The new single Heaven/Where True Love Goes is released by Yusuf Islam on 30th October. This is the first material released from his first album of new songs in nearly 30 years - An Other Cup which will be released on 13th November through Polydor Records.

Cat Stevens he achieved international success in both the Sixties and Seventies. In 1977 Stevens embraced Islam, adopted the name Yusuf Islam and took a break from music. The album is a collection of new songs and some compositions which lay unfinished in Yusuf’s musical memory from as far back as 1968 and were completed for this album.

The journey of Yusuf Islam back to making music has taken 28 long years. The millions who bought the records he made as Cat Stevens back in the '60s and '70s always hoped that one day, the world would again hear his voice and songs. Now the long wait is finally over. As Yusuf says “There were one hundred reasons for leaving the music industry back in 1979, not least because I had found what I was looking for spiritually. Today there are perhaps one hundred and one good reasons why I feel right making music and singing about life in this fragile world again.”

Intriguingly it was his own son who was the catalyst in his picking up a guitar again. “My son has got tremendous musical talent and I didn't even know that," he recounts. "He had brought a guitar back into the house and there it was. One morning, after everybody had prayed and gone back to sleep, the guitar was lying on the couch and I picked it up and found I still remembered the chords. Then I started to sing along to some of the tunes and the words that I'd been writing recently and said, 'Hey! I think I have a job to do'. That's' how I got the guitar back. It felt like I was being helped to do it. I can't describe it any other way.”

Ultimately, the reason for his return, he says, is simple. "The language of song is simply the best way to communicate. I feel gifted to have that ability still within me. I never wanted to get involved in politics because that essentially separates people, whereas music has the power to unify, and is so much easier than for me than to give a lecture. You can argue with a philosopher, but you can't argue with a good song. And I think I've got a few good songs."

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