We’re liking the sound of Lanta – check out her new single, ‘Drinking Too Much’

Hailing from Margate, Lanta, is set to take the airwaves by storm with her brand new track, ‘Drinking Too Much’, a soul infused eighties throwback that builds on the retro sound of her last couple of releases.

Earlier this year, she launched her new project with the 80’s infused sonics of ‘Worthy’. She soon followed with the similarly epic ‘More Alive’, both releases were a pastiche of lush 80’s throwbacks exploring analogue synth production and retro drum machine samples. Her stylised approach has caught the attention of fans and industry alike, with Spotify supporting her releases across their New Music Friday, Out Now and Acoustic Soul playlists. She’s also been championed by London in Stereo, Atwood Magazine, Abbie McCarthy on BBC Introducing and Radio X. 

Finding her creative mindset and becoming comfortable releasing music again, hasn’t come easy over the past few years. Under her previous guise, Kimberly Anne, she found near-overnight success after vocalling a cover of ‘Show Me Love’ by Sam Feldt. The track became a YouTube sensation and she soon found herself signed to a major label. After time, she became incredibly disillusioned with the process. Feeling creatively stifled, she decided to take stock and face some hard truths.

“I was basically in no man’s land. My mental health wasn’t great and I didn’t think I had the capacity to imagine what I wanted to say as an artist anymore”. 

Still, the hunger to create was strong and she soon found herself writing and working with pop artists such as The Vamps, Conor Maynard, Ella Eyre and MNEK. It was in a writing session, that she found her way again with her latest single “Worthy”. This would become the single to re-emerge as a solo artist and become, LANTA. 

After a year of artistic self-discovery, she began working alongside Rhiannon Mair (Laura Marling, Bryde, Emma Mcgrath) and mix engineer Richard Wilkinson (Adele, Honne, Rhys Lewis), where she discovered her new artistic direction. LANTA’s love for uplifting pop crescendos, wrapped in a retro-influenced production has never been more apparent than in her final track in this project, ‘Drinking Too Much’. The song builds in phases, taking us on a journey from sombre beginnings to an infectious vocal line. The post-chorus comes from nowhere and spoils the listener with an array of synth textures that perfectly capture exactly what Kim is achieving with this project. 

“There is no quick cure to having your heart destroyed but that doesn’t stop us all trying to find a magic fix. ‘Drinking Too Much’ was inspired by many a night out in Soho after one of my romantic crusades had fallen apart in the past. After breakups I’d go out to party most evenings just to fill the nights and sleep through the days (due to the monster hangover). I wanted a loud club to drown out my thoughts on overdrive and to drink until I couldn’t feel much at all or hooked up with someone to help me forget, for that night at least.”

This is the most uplifting pop song I’ve ever made production-wise and like the juxtaposition of it actually being about quite a chaotic and sad time. But I think there’s something quite cathartic about going out and having a release with support from good friends. Dancing is really healing and so what if you end up crying on the dance floor. 

Colin Polonowski

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

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We’re liking the sound of Lanta – check out her new single, ‘Drinking Too Much’ | The Digital Fix