“We recorded our new album in 40 degree heat, it felt like we were on fire sonically but physically too!” – In Conversation with Deathrite

We don’t do much in the way of Extreme Metal here at Music @ The Digital Fix but that’s all about to change. With the remit of expanding the music we cover on the site, resident heavy music fan Craig had a quick chat to Tony from German band Deathrite. Having recently released their latest record Nightmares Reign Tony told us where the bands heads were at and what 2019 has in store for them.

Introduce Deathrite to readers of Music @ The Digital Fix.

Deathrite are 5 guys from Germany, playing evil music. Obscure, sharp and filthy Death Metal with a good deal of rock and roll. 

Do you all have similar musical influences or are they different?

Our musical influences are definitely different! I, for example listen to many different styles of music and so are the others in the band. Our musical tastes are not limited to certain genres.

Nightmares Reign has recently dropped. How was its creation and recording?

We started writing right after we came home from our tour in Spain/Portugal, that was in December 2017. We managed to finish the writing process just in time, which was a couple of days before we got into the studio in July this year. 10 days of recording in over 40°C was definitely a very tough experience, but I guess we were able to catch some of that heat and fire on the record.

How are the new songs live? Are the fans digging the new stuff?

Yeah, we’re really surprised by the response. At first, some people had a hard time getting into the new songs when the record came out in November. But live, the response from the audience is really great. When we play, we’re still a raw and pissed off act of insanity.

You’re currently on tour in Europe, how are the crowds different in each country?

They are not really that different. I mean, we are better known in Germany, because that’s where we’re from. But after a couple of songs the crowd is stoked about it and it looks like they are really on fire.

How did the artwork for the new record come to be, it’s quite a striking cover.

We have known Rebecca for a couple of years now and she seemed to be the right person to translate our songs into this cover artwork with colour and paint.

What do you hope Deathrite fans take away from the new record?

We hope that Nightmares Reign gets recognized as a record that sticks out and that you can’t really put into one certain genre. To us personally, it is an outstanding record. And in the end it’s music, so listen to it and let your mind flow.

For more information on Deathrite, head on over to their Facebook page and their official website.


Updated: Dec 11, 2018

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“We recorded our new album in 40 degree heat, it felt like we were on fire sonically but physically too!” – In Conversation with Deathrite | The Digital Fix