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Vanlustbäder - 'Rock N Roll Part III' Video

The new single by up-and-coming Australian rock band Vanlustbäder is released on March 20th on Nomadic Records. Titled 'Rock N Roll Part III', the single is produced by Jim Abiss (Kasabian, Placebo, The Music, Editors, Ladytron and DJ Shadow). Jim Abiss has also produced the band's forthcoming debut album 'The People Vs Vanlustbäder', which is due for release on April 3rd 2006.

Video streams of 'Rock N Roll Part III' are available to view below:

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Catch the band live at the following dates and venues on their Club NME Tour:


08 - Manchester, The Academy
09 - Nottingham, Stealth
14 - Huddersfield, Tokyo Club
16 - Middlesborough, The Empire
17 - Stoke, The Underground
21 - Colchester, University
23 - Bournemouth,The Consortium
25 - Oldham, The Castle,
27 - Newcastle, Stereo

From Vanlustbäder's PR:

“The bands motto ‘what you see is what you get’ is all about pure, unadulterated rock, with a heavy helping of roll thrown in. As individuals we couldn’t be more different,” frontman Shane explains. “Our guitarist Paul is a massive punk and huge David Bowie fan, Terry is a 6ft 6 half Japanese half German guy, John the drummer is plain crazy and I’m just a music nutcase who buys all his albums from charity shops. Some bands are just photocopies of their 60’s or 70’s heroes, and once they get off stage they are just nerds. With us, there’s no pretence. We’re all about massive songs and big performances.”

“To me, our band is like life” Shane surmises. “We represent what life is really like. There are things you can laugh at as well as things you find depressing. You need to cram as much as you can into it – which is how we see our music. We want people to listen to our album and work out for themselves who and what we’re influenced by. Surely that’s half the fun…’

Dragged up in Brisbane, Australia, (the same backwaters that gave the world that country’s two most critically loved bands, ‘The Saints’ and ‘The Go-Betweens’), these boys fuse rock, indie and punk in a way that will leave your jaw well and truly dropped.

Incredible things have already been achieved in Australia, including tour dates with fellow countrymen Jet, selling out the first pressing of the EP independently (5000 copies) and having three (out of five) tracks from their debut EP play-listed on high rotation on Triple J (Australia’s Radio 1). Which led Brit Producer Jim Abiss (Kasabian, Placebo, The Music, Editors, Ladytron and DJ Shadow) to hot-foot it over to Oz, determined to work his magic on the album.'

Vanlustbäder - Website


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