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Unicorn Kid goes Popmorphic!

All is explained below. Click here to play the game.

Revolutionary technology company Popmorphic have teamed up with the equally innovative Unicorn Kid to create the world’s first interactive music video that is also a game.

The video /game has been created using Popmorphic’s pioneering and unique patented polymorphic technology -a revolutionary new way of making and viewing music videos.

Which means?

In a nutshell, Popmorhic puts you in control of the viewing process, allowing you to see the same video in a different way each and every time you watch. By moving the equaliser style sliders the morphic player puts audiences in control of content.

A bit about Popmorphic....

Popmorphic is the world’s first morphic player which enables fans to view their favorite acts in a totally different way, thanks to their pioneering polymorphic technology. Their designated media player allows the same video to be viewed in more than a trillion different ways!

This is just the beginning of a new movement in filming and content creation which will completely change the way we enjoy visual entertainment. The Glasgow-based company have setup the world’s first polymorphic film studios in a state of the art 25 camera matrix. In another world first, Popmorphic have developed a mobile polymorphic camera unit, meaning filming can take place at any venue across the world.

A bit about the game....

The story follows Unicorn Kid, a.k.a Oli Sabin on a mario-esque adventure to find his stolen ‘Lion Hat’. There are over 300 routes Oli can take to find the Lion Hat but only one is correct.

Viewers control the game using the equaliser-style sliders on the morphic player. Clues that help determine what route to take can be found in the footage. Players must move through three levels and fight in a final battle by moving the game control slider as indicated by the clues in the footage.

Popmorphic’s incredible patented technology enables each play to be eternally new and unique. Fans can choose to watch the Unicorn Kid and /or the game footage to look for clues.

When players reach the final battle there is a 50/50 chance of winning the game and entering the competition. The winner will be selected through a prize draw on the 9th of June at the Unicorn Kid’s headline show at King Tuts in Glasgow.

Clues will also be sporadically released by Popmorphic and Unicorn Kid through their respective websites and social networks. The winner will be given a cash prize of a £1000 and the chance to take part in the making of the next Unicorn Kid morphic video game. Surely any avid gamers dream?!

Sound confusing? Nonsense! It’s actually all very simple... and will easily drag the most technophobic of souls painlessly over to the digital revolution.

Unicorn Kid’s UK tour continues at the following dates

Brighton, The Great Escape Saturday 16th May
Edinburgh, HMV Picture House Saturday 30th May
Glasgow, King Tuts Tuesday 9th June
Manchester, Roadhouse Wednesday 10th June
Chelmsford, Club NME Friday 12th June
Southampton, UNIT Saturday 13th June
Plymouth, HIPPO Sunday 14th June
Cardiff, Barfly Monday 15th June
London, Borderline Tuesday 16th June
Brighton, Club NME Wednesday 17th June
Birmingham, Flapper Thursday 18th June
Hull, Club NME Saturday 20th June
Edinburgh, Cabaret Voltaire Tuesday 23rd June
Aberdeen, Moshulu Wednesday 24th June
Dunfermline, PJs Tuesday 30th June

And in case you're wondering just who the hell Unicorn Kid is...

Oli Sabin, a.k.a. Unicorn Kid, has been getting plenty of attention from various corners of the media and club goers everywhere. At only 17, he’s already officially remixed the Pet Shop Boys, released his debut single, been played on Radio 1, featured in NME, had a daily download on, played at the Official Skins Launch Party, played 2 sold out London shows, a sold out showcase at In The City and recorded a BBC session!

His debut single features 3 tracks, A-Side ‘Lion Hat’ is a disco bag of goodness that has knocked the winter blues into 2010. It also comes with 2 b-sides in the form of ‘Goodbye’ and ‘8 Bytes’. Not only are the 3 tracks recorded and produced solely by Unicorn Kid, he also does all the artwork himself.

This Edinburgh-based teenager has everything going for him despite his young age and the fact that he has to split his time between school and music. Unicorn Kid originally started producing music as a hobby at 15 by layering different melodies on his Casiotone. He went on to play about with professional sequencing software on his laptop, integrating various circuit bent instruments and toys into his music. His first gig was in January 2008 in front of a small group of friends in a tiny city centre bar in Edinburgh. He now has a solid fanbase all over the World including dedicated music lovers in America, Germany, Japan and Canada.

Unicorn Kid admits that he owes his rapid rise in popularity to the promotional power of myspace, receiving regular hits from kids all over the globe.

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