'Treat Me Like I'm All Yours' is the new video from Sasha Keable

London singer Sasha Keable has today unveiled her the video to accompany her new single ‘Treat Me Like I’m All Yours’. The track sees Sasha tackle the desire of wanting to be loved. Shot in London and directed by Savannah Setten, the single is packed with jazz inflections, fluttering melodies and pitch shifted guitars, the track is led by Sasha’s sublime brassy vocals.

I wrote ‘Treat Me Like I’m All Yours’ when I was sexually frustrated - I was annoyed that my man was more interested in his phone and friends than me. It’s a bit playful, not 100% serious and has elements of dark humour within it. It’s also about being wanted and lusted over, which we know can fizzle out over time in a relationship on both sides so I wanted to explore that and see how I could balance being wanted and being angry at a person all at the same time. - Sasha says of the record.

South-London native Sasha Keable is a breath of fresh air. Returning last September after a 4-year hiatus with her outstanding offering ‘That’s The Shit’the Colombian songstress today also announced the release of her highly anticipated forthcoming EP ‘MAN which will be released in April - “‘MAN’ is dedicated to my relationships with men, whether it’s work, my relationship with my boyfriend or complete strangers I don’t know. I love them and hate them all at the same time. I find a lot of humour within the way I interact with them which is why my songs might sound quite bitter and angry but they are always simply taking the piss a bit.”

Keable was raised on Soul and Hip Hop, with some of her main influences being Donny Hathaway, Aretha Franklin and Marvin Gaye and her eclectic tastes manifest themselves in her song writing and arrangements. Although, she may seem a new face to some, she's no stranger to success and working hard. In the time since she first picked up a mic she’s dropped a scattering of releases – from 2013’s dream ‘Black Book’ to 2014’s gorgeously understated 4-track EP ‘Lemongrass & Limeleaves’ however, the year ahead will see Sasha stand at the forefront of London’s young and fiendishly talented singer/songwriters with a collaborative ethic and Brit school pedigree. 

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