Toto Cover Weezer’s ‘Hash Pipe’

In a response to Weezer’s covers of ‘Africa’ and ‘Rosanne’, Toto have recorded a cover of the 2001 single ‘Hash Pipe’.

Toto guitarist, Steve Lukather, said: “We were blown away at the response Weezer got doing our old songs.  They did a good job too, but we never saw hit records coming from it. It seemed only right that WE – Toto did a version of one of their songs so we started digging around, listening to a bunch of their music, which I have grown to like a lot.”

Something that started as a bit of fun for Weezer resulted in number one hits on the Itunes store and on the Spotify viral charts. Toto’s response will be released in full this Friday (10th August) with more details available on their website.

The group have been playing the cover on their 40 Trips Around The Sun tour. See them playing on the first night of the tour below.

Emma Lauren Roberts

Updated: Aug 07, 2018

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