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Tigers That Talked to release new single

Tigers That Talked release their brand new single ‘Artificial Clouds’ through Bad Sneakers on the 19th October 2009. The single will be available as a download only and features the b-side ‘Bracelet’.

‘Artificial Clouds’ dwells on the darker sides of love, singer/songwriter Jamie Williams explains the story behind the song...

The song is about the hope of breaking down borders between people and of rediscovering a connection. It evokes one lover's desperation to recover and retrace back from the point at which romance falls apart and is replaced by a sense of disconnection, longing & loss.

The title of the single was inspired by the work of experimental 1960's artist Graham Stevens.

Formed by singer Jamie Williams in 2006, Tigers That Talked are based in Leeds; their music possessing the ramshackle folk rock of The Arcade Fire and influenced by the filmic elegance of Ennio Morricone, Sigur Ros and The Cure. The band have previously released the EP 'Black Heart, Blue Eyes' and number of self-produced DIY EPs. They release their debut album early next year through Bad Sneakers.

Tigers That Talked play the following shows this Autumn:

19 - Leeds, Brewery Wharf Festival

01 - London, Water Rats Theatre
02 - Chester, The Racket Club
03 - Sheffield, The Crystal Ship [Acoustic set]
05 - London, The George Tavern [Acoustic set]
09 - Manchester, Centro Free For Arts Festival
10 - Blackburn, The Live Lounge
14 - Leeds, Cockpit
27 - Leeds, The Packhorse [Acoustic set]

14 - Lancaster, Library

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