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Thom Yorke gets remixed

Recent messages from Thom Yorke has divulged the prescence of remixes of tracks from his rather impressive solo album, The Eraser, available for a limited time only on

Full details, including Thom's poor punctuation and disregard for capital letters, can be seen below...

For anyone who has heard The Eraser, there are some remixes coming.


I got excited. I've been listening through. I mean. There's some freaky shit.

They may start appearing soon. Gradually. Briefly.
Just a taste. And then gone.


First there is Surgeon's Rmx of The Clock.
This was the one that made me think, we got to start getting these out.
I was chuffed he wanted to do it as think he is a MASTER.
He has turned it into something really hard. And disco.
Well what i call disco anyhow.
It made me very proud.

I hope it gets played in a club somewhere.
Not that i get out much nowadays.

Peace to us all during the festive season.

And another message!

"RMx! x
back to The Eraser rmxs.

there is a second rmx up now.. on ....this is a deranged twist of Analyse by Various Productions.
i got into them after hearing Hater off their Lp The World is Gone.

love and non-commercial type xmas with not much shopping to christmas compilations.


Ooooo... lovely!

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