Thea & The Wild are paving the way for a great weekend with their new track...

Stop whatever you're doing - whatever it is won't be as rewarding as listening to Thea & The Wild's new track, 'Paved The Way'.

What did you think? Sounds pretty excellent to us and now we're really looking forward to hearing Thea's full second album next year...

"‘Paved The Way’ is a tribute to all my female idols and people who dare to stand up for their beliefs and defy society's norms” explains Thea. That sentiment runs deep throughout ‘Paved The Way’, with the bold instrumentation mirroring the tracks "call to arms” lyrical approach.

Thea’s songwriting is eclectic, wonderfully varied, and irresistibly complex. Always looking to push herself creatively, ‘Paved The Way’ reveals a layer of angst and discontent behind her pop-tinged productions. Previous single ‘City Of Gold’ gave subtle nods to the likes of Blood Orange and Haim, whereas this new single leans more towards inspiration from St. Vincent, or Warpaint. Experimental rock-pop, with a powerful message.

Speaking a little more on the lyrical meaning behind 'Paved The Way' Thea said: "I have pretty vivid dreams. I woke up with some of these pictures in my head one morning: a dark place, people having to hide from the authorities, fighting their battles whilst surrounded by cowardish tattle-tales. The corruption and oppression that just goes on and on in the world makes me so sad and frustrated. All these stories I read and hear about seep into my head and then I think the anger comes out like this. It’s a positive song in the end though, because it’s about encouragement and breaking out of patterns.”

‘Paved The Way’ follows previous singles ‘City Of Gold’ and 'Dark Horse’ — the former hitting #5 on Hype Machine’s Most Blogged Artist Chart, with continued support from the likes of DIY Magazine (“shimmering synth-pop”), BEAT (“crazy catchy”), The Line of Best Fit (“Thea’s biggest and boldest pop moment yet”) and Metro (“Bittersweet indie pop”). The tracks were promptly added to a range of Spotify tastemaker / New Music Friday playlists, and blog-buzzed by some of Hype Machine’s finest.

‘Paved The Way’ is lifted from Thea & The Wild’s forthcoming sophomore LP 'Ikaros' set for release on February 2nd via Propeller Recordings. It follows Thea & The Wild's Norwegian Grammy-nominated album ‘Strangers and Lovers’, which was behind repeat radio playlisting and festival appointments at Øya, by:Larm and Trondheim Calling.

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