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The Trip 2 OUT NOW!

October 23rd saw the release of Tom Middleton's latest compilation The Trip 2 (or possibly The Trip Squared). These two discs take the listener on an inspired musical journey and include wonderful tracks by the likes of Boards of Canada, Emiliana Torrini and Beck.

Tom Middleton (esteemed DJ, producer and remixer) says of the project:

The Trip 2 is a vertical and a horizontal selection of lifetracks for the iTunes generation. It would seem I live inside iTunes these days, as do most of the population, spending days compiling playlists for virtual compilations. Initially delving through the Universal archives to unearth some forgotten gems for re-evaluation in a new context. Supplementing with tracks from my playlists entitled Beautiful Music, Sextrax, Early 90's Hip Hop+Breakbeats, Ambient-Prog, Soundtracks Without Films, Obscuriosities, 70's TV Nostalgia, Future Folk.

There's no shortage of nuggets to blend, it's all about the criteria you use to select and filter. These days for me it's about purity of emotional content; memorable melodies be they sung or played with strong rhythmic backbones. I'm not really concerned with the latest trends in sonic style (the many comps out there with that agenda will date quickly), only timeless tunes from the present and recent past that just simply need to be heard and shared.

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