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The sun rises on Cherri V in July...

Newcomer, Cherri V is to release her debut single 'Til The Sun Comes Up on 6th July. Her fusion of pop, R&B and rock lends a unique sound that is sure to have an impact on the UK music scene.

For a sneak preview, you can check out her MySpace page at The music video and full press release follows...

Freshly picked talent launches stunning new UK single

“Cherri V is well on her way to becoming the next sensation in the UK” –

Blend rock, pop & RnB with luscious lyrics and delicious vocals and you’re served with a divine Cherri smoothie that’s sweeter than any palette could desire. With a sensational new single, ‘Until The Sun Comes Up’, set for release on 6 July, Cherri V is a spanking fresh talent who plans to quite literally snatch a large slice of the success cake and firmly place her intoxicating cherry on the top.

Sounding remarkably like a UK infusion of Pink, Beyonce and Lenny Kravitz, Cherri V is a stick of musical dynamite on the brink of explosion. But this freshly picked Cherri is no stranger to a music industry that’s been watching her ripen to perfection since she was a small child. The niece of soul legend, Mica Paris, little Cherice made her first God-gifted performance to the congregation of her church at the tender age of 3. Miss V later went on to perform a cameo role in Auntie Mica’s video for, ‘My One Temptation’, studied her craft at the renowned Brits school and by the age of just 15, she was wowing live audiences as she toured with Mercury Prize winner, Ms Dynamite. But it was Cherri’s collaborations with the likes of Gnarls Barkley, Girls Aloud, McFly, Sugababes and hit producers Soulshock and Karlin (Brandy, Toni Braxton, Lutha Vandross etc) which turned this talented berry into one of the most desirable fruits in the musical garden.

As a former member of the RnB girl group, Trinity Stone, Cherri seized the opportunity of a solo career once the band’s contract with Sony/BMG came to an amicable end and signed to the independent label 6060 Music. This is where the true talent of the awesome Ms Cherry finally came to fruition as she was given free rein to write, sing and produce her own music, a freedom which has given birth to a truly fresh and unique sound that’s simply mind blowing.

With a debut album set for release later in the year and a new single, ‘Until The Sun Comes Up’, bubbling on the horizon, Cherri V delivers an addictive burst of rock/pop/RnB that’s already stealing critical acclaim from music journos everywhere. Go on, taste the divine glory of the Cherri V experience – you’ll be gagging for more after the first bite!

Single ‘Until The Sun Comes Up’ released 6th July on 6060 Music

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