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The Sorry Kisses announce... um ah...

The Sorry Kisses is the new project from Nine Black Alps Sam Forrest and partner Hayley Hutchinson. Their second full length album ‘Um and Ah’ is released digitally this week on Desert Mine Music.

To mark the release a free download from the album is now available.

Following the successful release of their debut album 'Hard Drive' on Desert Mine Music in 2008, the core duo, Hayley Hutchinson and Sam Forrest set about writing their second effort. Whilst maintaining their strict DIY aesthetic and recording everything in the spare bedroom of their house in York, the Sorry Kisses set about expanding their lo-fi sludge-pop sound into bolder and more experimental territory. The first song to be recorded, 'Ventura Sunset', pays testament to this instantly with its psychedelic backwards guitars and hazy West Coast harmonies.

In fact the whole album can be seen as an ode to the American West Coast as seen through a kaleidoscope of styles ranging from Flaming Lips-esque sun-frazzled pop to heavily opiated 4AD excursions all wrapped up in Hutchinson's Breeders-esque double tracked vocals. That's not to say that 'Um and Ah' is a victim of style over substance. 'Abandon Ship' is an ocean sized ballad that soars on a wave of heartbroken cellos, whereas the corruscating grunge-fest of 'Fake' and drunken bar room ho-down of 'Bad Habit' cast a withering eye over scenesters, loudmouths and hangers-on the world over.

So once again, The Sorry Kisses have managed to show that despite the limitations of recording an entire album on a laptop in a spare bedroom, when it comes to music, the only limit is your own imagination.

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