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The Phoenix Foundation take flight

(Currently fighting desire to shoehorn in multiple flight-related puns.)

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"If Captain Cook was to explore the South Pacific in 2009, The Phoenix Foundation would be his greatest discovery" - Bret McKenzie, Flight of the Conchords

Released in New Zealand on the legendary Flying Nun records, Happy Ending (Lovely Horse Records - 21 September 2009) is the debut UK release from The Phoenix Foundation, a six-piece, Wellington-based band who could well qualify for the title of New Zealand's best kept secret. Having become the toast of their homeland's music scene, they've since garnered huge acclaim among tastemakers in the US, and are planning to hit Europe soon, and do it in style - the band will be moving to the UK in 2010.

Happy Ending was released to unprecedented acclaim in their own country in 2008 and it's easy to see why, gliding effortlessly between infectious guitar pop, languid psychedelia, Spector-esque harmonies, delerious prog rock and sad-eyed piano ballads, it's a massively accomplished album and one that reveals itself in waves with repeated spins.

"This record is like the beautiful feeling of falling asleep in a hammock out the back of a faded old beach house and dreaming of epic vistas and love affairs ... a beautiful record indeed." - Neil Finn

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