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The Mitchell Brothers - Routine Check Video

The video for The Mitchell Brothers debut single 'Routine Check' is available to view at the following links:

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Mike Skinner of The Streets and Kano guest on the single. You can play the routine check game that has been made to support the single at the following link:

Routine Check Game

'The Mitchell Brothers are the first signing to Mike Skinner’s record label, The Beats. They signed their deal after Tony Mitchell performed a reverse pickpocket manoeuvre in the queue at Barclays in Brixton and slipped a demo CD into Skinner’s pocket.

Routine Check is their first single. It is produced by Mike Skinner and tells a story of youths being stopped by the police. It contains verses from Skinner and Kano. Tony and Teddy Mitchell are both 24 and claim Manor Park, Ilford and Stockwell as their ends.

Their debut LP is on it's way. It was written on the back seat of the Streets’ tour bus during their recent US tour. While Teddy appeared on Fit But You Know It, and both of them appeared on the remix of Blinded By The Light, they were not performing on said tour. Instead, they wrote tunes, handed out VIP passes to pretty girls and helped themselves to the rider.'

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