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The Five O'Clock Heroes - Head Games Video

New Wave rockers, The Five O'Clock Heroes, have a single out at the moment called 'Head Games'. The video is available to view or download on the following link:

The Five O'Clock Heroes - Head Games (Apple Quicktime - 19MB)

Audio streams are also available at the band's website which is accessible by clicking here.

Artist Biography:

'It is perhaps due to the fact that each member hails from a different location that the Five O'Clock Heroes’ sound, although influenced by, is clearly not limited to the New York City rock scene. They keep it simple with the standard bass, drums and guitars - with melodic vocals to back it up. There are a range of influences evident in their songs, anywhere from Motown to New Wave (Elvis Costello, The Jam and The Police), and all done with the sole intention of giving the people a catchy tune … with a NY twist...

Having taken a short breather in New York to recuperate after the madness of three months touring the UK with The Bravery, Brendan Benson, The Rakes and The Paddingtons, part NYC / part UK four piece Five O'Clock Heroes return with a stunning new single 'Head Games'.

'Head Games' was recorded under the masterful watch of Eli Janney (famed for his work with the likes of Secret Machines and The Rapture) and will feature on Five O'Clock Heroes' forthcoming debut album 'Bend To The Breaks'. It's the kind of soaring, rabble rousing anthem that a '…Soul Rebels' era Dexys or 'Armed Forces' Costello would be proud of and takes the baton from their chart-troubling previous single 'Run To Her'. It features exclusive new track 'Holiday' and is available on 7” and enhanced CD which also features the 'Head Games' video.

Five O'Clock Heroes are: Antony Ellis (vocals, guitar), Nader Kheirbek (bass), Elliot Thompson (guitar) and Patrick Fowler (drums)'

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