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The Dodos are not burying their heads in the sand

Time To Die – LP3 from SF-based acrobatic folk trio The Dodos – leaked onto the Internet Wednesday afternoon of last week. A few thousand tweets and a few dozen Rapidshare links later, the August 31 release finds itself coursing through the veins of the web, more than two months before its official street date. But instead of stamping their feet and fretting over their (far-too-commonplace) misfortune, Meric Long, Logan Kroeber and Keaton Snyder are embracing the leak full-force.

The band has launched a dedicated website where fans can listen to a high-quality version of the album, pre-order their physical copy now, get a free download of Time to Die’s first single “Fables,” and watch a video message from Long and Kroeber explaining the truly exciting part: because the Dodos wants you to be able to download the album legally, they’re bumping the release date up. Way up, to July 27, a mere two weeks away.

Stream the album here:

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