The Breeders Release Video For Kim Deal's 'Joanne' Cover

The Breeders have this week released a video for Kim Deal's version of Mike Nesmith's 'Joanne'.

Originally a B-Side, the track was released as part of a series of limited 7" singles when the group reformed last year. The video shows an intimate recording of the take that made it to the record in Steve Albini's Chicago studio.

Their long-awaited new album, All Nerve, will be available in full on 2nd March and will be accompanied by a biographical essay written by Neil Gaiman (Coraline, American Gods).

In the essay, Gaiman says: "People change over the years, and we hope that the we that is us never changes. Yesterday we were kids, and tomorrow we'll be old, and we think we're the same people we were, despite all evidence to the contrary.

But sometimes we play music that lets us be us then and us now and us still to come, and it's all worth it, every minute, every aching second, every gaping now."

The Breeders will be touring Europe over the summer, including sets at BBC's Biggest Weekend, Primavera and Down The Rabbit Hole.

All Nerve

1. Nervous Mary

2. Wait in the Car

3. All Nerve

4. MetaGoth

5. Spacewoman

6. Walking with the Killer

7. Howl at the Summit

8. Archangel’s Thunderbird

9. Dawn: Making an Effort

10. Skinhead #2

11. Blues at the Acropolis

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