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The Best Pub Album - 40 Classic Tracks from the Pub Juke Box

5th June saw the release of The Best Pub Album, two CD's absolutely rammed with tunes from your local boozer, and what’s more there is a bonus DVD with an interactive Pub Quiz to test the brain.

Obviously we accept that going to the pub is the best thing in the world. Sometimes, however, you just can’t be bothered with getting out of your chair. Fear not. No need to miss out on your favourite tunes blasting out of the pub juke box. No need to miss out on your taxing weekly pub quiz. This has been combined for the first time - the music and the quiz to create the ultimate pub experience without leaving your house – Brilliant.

With 40 Classic Tracks From The Pub Juke Box including massive hits from the likes of Nickelback and The Darkness and classics from Van Halen, The Smiths, Elvis Costello, Prince, and Eric Clapton there really is no need to get out of your chair – apart from maybe to get another beer from the fridge!

Out now on GTV.

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