Tess Posner reveals her new single, 'Supernova'

Hailing from Oakland, Tess Posner, is a indie artist who released her most recent single 'Supernova' on International Women's Day. The track tells the story of a woman who, through the trauma of nearly dying at the hands of her abusive partner, realises the strength of her power. Its lyrics center on finding a place deep inside of ourselves with the strength to speak out about abusers or oppressors: “You can try to hurt me but I am bigger than you ever imagined, and my inner strength is like the brightness of 10 billion suns.”

You can listen to the new track below.


The new single comes hot on the heels of Tess Posner's EP, One Thousand Petals which was released at the end of last year. You can buy both the EP and the most recent track over on Bandcamp now.

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