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Terry's Kingston Logic

Jamaican electro dancehall popstar-in-the-making Terry Lynn is set to release her provocatively stunning debut album Kingstonlogic 2.0 on the 18th May through Phree. Terry is also about to set out on a mini tour of Europe with her collaborator Phred aka dance producer Wildlife!, playing the following debut shows in the UK:

Wed 6th May @ In store Rough Trade East, London
Thurs 7th May @ YoYo, Notting Hill Arts, London

Hailing from the impoverished suburb of Waterhouse, Terry Lynn captures with words a sense of Kingston’s environment and Jamaica’s struggles the way a camera captures images with a lens.

The sound is distinctive, hard and impassioned unlike anything heard from the sunny shores of this Caribbean hotspot. Terry is he 9th of nine children and was born and raised in Olympic Gardens, otherwise known as Waterhouse, an impoverished area in Kingston, Jamaica. Terry grew up a tomboy competing against boys all her life, from skateboards to rhymes. Her favorite hobby aside from survival was lyrically clashing with guys selling produce amidst the chaotic markets and crowded arcades of Kingston. She would fiercely take on anyone, causing an uproar from passersby witnessing a female spitting out hard, insightful lyrics about the city swirling around them.

In Terry’s own words, here’s a snapshot of the sights and sounds that inspired the album:

“...kinda worried with the direction of how things a turn still, but me just a be optimistic because Jamaica is our place. We just really need to get it back up and running. But the social infrastructure of the country a fall apart... really falling apart. No unity, no love, nobody got love round here again. Nobody. The yout dem got no jobs so they're just hostile, volatile, wild, crazy bang band shoot dem up. You understand, especially if you have to live day to day and commute through the ghetto. I'm not really trying to discriminate the upper class, people in their big Mitsubishi vans, Pyairo something like that, Rav4, just leave from him big company and gone up to his nice house it doesn't really matter. But we all in the same boat so we need to just work hands and heart in oneness and just try and get back things on a proper level. Because until the poor have something the rich is not going to be comfortable, cuz the crime will just walk up on them doorstsep, people getting shoot up in their house, kids dying. Well the latest crime wave now is like when domestic affairs just turn out violent like it's not working out with a man and his wife, and him just like kill the kids and just behead him wife it's terrifying. Even me just living in the ghetto more times me wonder, me in a my sleep and just hear like 15 shots run out, consecutively like bang bang bang bang bang, and me just a jump outta my sleep and just a wonder if my little roof just got shoot up or something like that. Because the frequent crime wave, ya understand me. But me just optimistic and me just feel like a change will come. Me half to just beat on that and hope for that. A change."

‘Kingstonlogic 1.0’ was created, and ‘..2.0’ evolved the concept further. Days to weeks, months to years, air miles, studios, sweat and tears, and the project took shape. Add to the mix imagery shot by Peter Dean Rickards of The Afflicted Yard, or filmed by the Rickards Brothers, and the layered perspectives of message, sound and vision, combine to shine light on and transcend day-to-day life and logic in Kingston.

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