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Terror Danjah & Aftershock Present: - Bladerunner Remixed

The quality of a soundtrack can make or break a film just as easily as the lead actors mood swings can make or break the contents of his or her trailer inbetween takes.

Yes boss, no matter who's doing it, without good sounds behind it, great acting can bomb and it frequently does.

But one soundtrack that few would argue with is Ridley Scots 1982 epic Bladerunner. Yes boss, for my own money, it's one of the all time best ambient soundtracks. The eerily spacious sounds of Vangelis original compositions really add something dense and misty to the bleak and barren atmosphere of the Replicant future..

Which is all the more reason why I want to go and see Terror Danjah play his own soundtrack for the self same film this Thursday evening in Stratford Circus.

Yes boss, Grime producer Terror Danjah, more commonly known for his work with Bruza, Kano and Sadie is going to perform his very own mix of sounds for Bladerunner, live and direct as the film is projected and cut by Ninja Tunes VJ Mox..

The event which starts at 8pm is organised by Urban Development who run regular live events in Stratford, East London, including programmes for the annual BBC Radio 3 London Jazz Festival and London Borough Of Newham's Music Month.

So what will it be??? Hard bullet banging grime as replicants shatter or smooth and righteous keys and atmospheres as Deckard slips into love??

You'll have to come along and find out...

I can't wait...

Thurs, 19th July
8.00pm @
Stratford Circus, Theatre Square, London E15 1BX

Admission £8 /£5 concessions

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