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Teitur Comes Clean

Teitur (Tie-Tor) releases a new album ‘All My Mistakes’ on Monday 6th October 2009 thought A&G Records.

Teitur Lassen's arrival to the United Kingdom has been in comparison to his career relatively modest. Despite recording three previous albums, toured the States relentlessly, won the Danish Grammy's with regularity and most recently been outlawed in China. Teitur has remained largely enigmatic to these shores.

His debut album, the critically acclaimed ‘The Singer’ was the first of Teitur’s albums ever to be released in the UK. ‘All My Mistakes’, is the Perfect introduction to Teitur's previous albums and his considerable talent, as singer songwriter par excellence. 'All My Mistakes’, comprises tracks taken from his previous albums; Poetry & Aeroplanes (2003) and Stay Under The Stars (2006).

The songs are a document of his extraordinary journey from his home on the remote and isolated Faroe Islands to the United Kingdom, via Los Angeles, Denmark and whole host of other countries in between. It is Teitur’s isolated upbringing, which informs much of his writing creating songs that have been described by John Mayer as “jet fuel on the fire of a broken heart”

Teitur will return to the UK in October to play the following dates:

Thurs 8th London ULU £12.50
Fri 9th Leicester Musician £8
Sun 11th Leeds Brudenell Social Club £7
Mon 12th Glasgow Twisted Wheel £8
Tues 13th Newcastle Cluny £8
Wed 14th Birmingham Glee Club £8/7
Thur 15th Brighton Freebutt £6.50/7

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