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Superthriller release The Blank Album



Release Date: 30th October 2006

Label: Mint Music

How's this for a novel idea?

On October 30th a blank CD will be released, retailing for a tenner. No, this outwardly normal album is not called The Best of Shed Seven. Rather, it's Superthriller's The Blank Album.

Inside the accompanying booklet is a code which will allow you access to a special Superthriller website. From here, you can make a selection of 25 tracks (from over 30) to download and burn onto said CD. Or you can leave your brain out of it and download their recommended version.

The PR describes Superthriller as such:

Not your typical avant-pop combo, Andrew Roland and brothers Ben and Max Ringham, combine warped lo-fi funk, twisted humour and straightforward songwriting genius to create perfect pop nuggets that simultaneously move the hips and tickle the funny bone.

The tracks in question consist of B-sides, remixes and outtakes, as well as new material; stuff to tide fans of the band over while they wait for the follow up to debut, Superthriller1.


1. Purchase The Blank Album, which is exclusively available via Rough Trade record shops and Rough Trade mail order from 30 October 2006.

2. Insert The Blank Album into any computer with a broadband internet connection

3. Go to and enter your individual password given in the CD booklet

4. Listen to the 30+ tracks on the site and either:
i) Make your own selection of 25 tracks and sequence as you wish
ii) Choose Superthriller's own recommended version

5. Burn CD

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