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Sugababes single and albums in November

A new line-up, a new album. Sugababes return on 30 October with their first single since Amelle Berrabah joined the band. Easy continues the trend of catchy pop tunes and appears on their 'greatest hits' album Overloaded - The Singles Collection due on 13 November. In addition we can also expect Overloaded - The Remixes Collection and Overloaded - The Videos Collection (DVD) on the same date.

Sugababes - the most successful girl group since the Supremes - release a definitive collection of their hit singles (including 4 UK #1's), entitled "Overloaded: The Singles Collection," spanning 4 hit albums and including 2 new tracks, on 13th November 2006. Sugababes have sold 2.7million albums and 1.8million singles in the UK alone, have had more top 10 singles with original songs than any other group since the Supremes, and are the first girlgroup to have 4x top 30 albums of original material since the 80s. They were the first pop group to appear on the main stage at the Glastonbury festival, and have performed to over 1million people worldwide in the past year alone.

Tracklisting for Overloaded - The Singles Collection:

"Freak Like Me" 3:16
"Round Round" 3:57
"Red Dress" Amelle Vocals 3:36
"In The Middle" Radio Edit 3:38
"Stronger" 4:00
"Shape" Radio Mix 4:11
"Overload" 4:35
"Good To Be Gone"
"Caught In A Moment" 4:24
"Ugly" 3:50
"Easy" 3:35
"Too Lost In You" 3:58
"Run For Cover" 3:47
"Hole In The Head" 3:38
"Push The Button" 3:38

Tracklisting for Overloaded - The Remixes Collection:

"Hole In The Head" Armand Van Helden Mix 7:32
"Freak Like Me" Different Gear Mix
"Round Round" Craigie & Crichton Mix 5:00
"Stronger" Almighty Club Mix 8:02
"Shape" D-Bop's Vocal Breakdown Mix 7:40
"Push The Button" DJ Prom Remix 8:13
"Red Dress" Dennis Christopher Vocal Remix 7:16
"Too Lost In You" Kujay DaDa's Bass Shaker Mix 6:43
"In The Middle" Gravitas Vocal Mix
"Round Round" Mandy Mix
"Hole In The Head" Full Intention Vocal Mix 7:16

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