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Story One - Free Album

Story One have made their full debut album, Disposable, available for free download via their website.

Just go to to download the whole album and also the cover art.

The band's "Statement of Intent" is below...

Have our album!!

You don’t have to pay for our album to own it. Download it from the website. It’s a gift from us to you. Play it, keep it, love it, hate it. You can do what ever you want with it. If you like you can send us something you own that you no longer need or want. We’ll pass your disposable item onto someone else who does. There have been too many times that we as a band and our friend’s have bought an album because it gets good reviews and a s**t load of marketing spent on it. After a while it never gets played again and we’ve wasted our money.

This album is a f*** off to being force-fed.

Make up your own mind up, give us your own review.

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Story One

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