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So what made the Warp 20 box set?

On 12th June, Warp20 (Box Set) was announced, a deluxe special edition of music and art. Now the first track listings for (Chosen), (Recreated) and (Unheard) can be confirmed. In addition, Warp20 (Infinite) will now be presented on 2 x laser-etched 10” vinyl for added collectibility, but with the same number of loops as originally intended.


Warp20 (Chosen)
Double CD. Presented in deluxe case-bound 10" folder, exclusively packaged for this box set. Fan messages to appear on pull-out poster.

Disc 1: As chosen by fans on

01. Aphex Twin 'Windowlicker' (6.08)
02. Boards Of Canada 'Roygbiv' (2:31)
03. Squarepusher 'My Red Hot Car' (4:19)
04. Battles 'Atlas' (7:07)
05. LFO 'LFO (Leeds Warehouse Mix)' (5:19)
06. Plaid 'Eyen' (4:20)
07. Luke Vibert 'I Love Acid' (4:19)
08. Autechre 'Gantz Graf' (3:58)
09. Jimmy Edgar 'I Wanna Be Your STD' (5:04)
10. Clark 'Herzog' (4:23)

Disc 2: As chosen by Warp co-founder Steve Beckett

01. Broadcast 'Tender Buttons' (2:52)
02. Squarepusher 'My Sound' (6:07)
03. Boards Of Canada 'Amo Bishop Roden' (6:16)
04. Battles 'Race : Out' (3:30)
05. Flying Lotus 'GNG BNG' (3:39)
06. Black Dog Productions - Xeper 'Carceres Ex Novum' (6:43)
07. Nightmares On Wax 'I'm For Real' (6:19)
08. Mike Ink 'Paroles (Original)' (5:34)
09. Aphex Twin 'Bucephalus Bouncing Ball' (5:45)
10. Jamie Lidell 'Daddy's Car' (4:06)
11. Squarepusher/AFX 'Freeman Hardy & Willis Acid' (5:43)
12. Seefeel 'Spangle' (7:21)
13. Autechre 'Drane' (10.52)

Warp20 (Recreated)
Double CD. Presented in deluxe case-bound 10" folder, exclusively packaged for this box set.

Disc 1
01. Born Ruffians 'Milkman/To Cure A Weakling Child' (Originals by Aphex Twin) (5:30)
02. Jimi Tenor 'Japanese Electronics' (Original by Elecktroids) (5:25)
03. Tim Exile 'A Little Bit More' (Original by Jamie Lidell) (4:03)
04. Rustie ' Midnight Drive' (Original by Elecktroids) (3:37)
05. Luke Vibert 'LFO' (Original by LFO) (5:47)
06. Autechre 'What Is House? (LFO Remix)' (Original by LFO) (4:25)
07. Russell Haswell 'Cabasa Cabasa' (Original by Wild Planet) (4:59)
08. Clark 'So Malleable' (Original by Milanese) (4:57)
09. Diamond Watch Wrists 'Fool In Rain' (Original by Pivot) (5:29)
10. Hudson Mohawke ft. Wensday Night 'Paint The Stars' (Original by Jimi Tenor) (3:04)

Disc 2
11 Mark Pritchard '3/4 Heart' (Original by Balil - Black Dog Productions) (7:12)
12. Mira Calix with Oliver Coates 'In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country' (Original by Boards Of Canada) (6:16)
13. Pivot 'Colorado' (Original by Grizzly Bear) (4:13)
14. Bibio 'Kaini Industries' (Original by Boards Of Canada) (3:40)
15. Jamie Lidell 'Little Brother' (Original by Grizzly Bear) (4:41)
16. Leila 'Vordhosbn' (Original by Aphex Twin) (5:00)
17. John Callaghan 'Phylactery' (Based on Tilapia by Autechre) (5:34)
18. Gravenhurst 'I Found The F' (Original by Broadcast) (3:25)
19. Plaid 'On My Bus' (Original by Plone) (4:15)
20. Seefeel 'Acrobat' (Original by Maximo Park) (4:02)

Warp20 (Unheard)
Triple 10" Vinyl. Housed in uncoated card sleeves with debossed typography. (Unheard) will initially only be available in Warp20 (Box Set). Vinyl version will always remain exclusive to this edition.

10" 1
A1. Boards of Canada 'Seven Forty Seven' (8:36)
B1. Autechre 'Oval Moon (IBC mx)' (7:18)
B2. Clark 'Rattlesnake' (2:01)

10" 2
C1. Plaid 'Dett' (5:08)
C2. Elecktroids 'Elecktroids Bonus Circuit' (2:48)
D1. Flying Lotus 'Tronix' (3:45)
D2. Nightmares On Wax 'Biofeedback Dub' (5:14)

10" 3
E1. Plaid 'Sam Lac Run' (4:00)
E2. Nightmares On Wax 'Mega Donutz Dub' (5:15)
F1. Broadcast 'Sixty Forty' (4:31)
F2. Seefeel 'As Link' (3:12)


Warp20 (Box Set) is available to preorder now. Orders received before 5th July will receive a discount of up to 15% (based on currency).

Please note your account will not be debited until your item is shipped.

Due to the premium specification of the item, there can only be one pressing. The quantity manufactured will be based largely on these early preorders, so ordering before 5th July will guarantee you a copy.

A limited number of extra copies will be made for sale after 5th July at full price.

Orders will be shipped to arrive by 25th SEPTEMBER 2009 in most territories*


Warp20 (Box Set) comes beautifully packaged in a 10 inch square slipcase wrapped in charcoal Buckram embossed paper with tipped-on gloss-laminated cover photograph, designed by YES, photographed by Dan Holdsworth.

Warp20 (1989-2009)
The Complete Catalogue

192 page Book

10” square, 192 page full-colour, perfect-bound book. The complete-ist’s dream – a catalogue of artwork of every Warp release from it’s inception in 1989 to August 2009. Includes artwork from over 400 sleeves including work by the Designers Republic, Julian House, Build, Universal Everything and Kim Hiorthøy amongst others. Foreword by Warp co-founder Steve Beckett. Black un-coated board cover with debossed and foiled typography.

Warp20 (Elemental)
CD album. Tracklist being finalised

Specially-commissioned hour long piece by re-edit master Osymyso, made from sections, samples, and fragments of Warp music from the last 20 years. Exclusive to Warp20 (Box Set) and presented in deluxe case bound 10” folder.

Warp20 (Infinite)
Double 10”, Laser-etched Vinyl. Tracklist being finalised

2 x 10” vinyl cuts of hand-picked locked-groove loops from Warp tracks. Now, two sides of loops on laser-etched vinyl for mixing / collecting. Same number of loops as originally intended. Exclusive to Warp20 (Box Set) and housed in uncoated card sleeves with debossed covers.


* Items are being shipped from US and UK. Orders placed in regions further from these places may take
slightly longer to arrive due to an increased shipping period.

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