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Shop Boyz - 'Party Like A Rockstar' Becomes The Fastest Selling Ringtone In US History

The debut single from Shop Boyz - ‘Party Like A Rockstar’ has become a smash hit in the US, achieving the feat of being the fastest selling ringtone in US history.

It’s a storming rags-to-riches rise to fame for Sheed, Meany and Fat, who were local mechanics at a makeshift garage in their neighbourhood, the next they were swiftly-rising hip-hop stars, progenitors of a growing musical movement they call ‘‘hood rock”.

'Party Like A Rockstar' gets a release in the UK on 13th August.

More on the track:

“Party Like A Rockstar", the fastest-selling ringtone in US history! and the debut single from Atlanta based trio Shop Boyz, looks set to replicate it’s staggering US success when it is released on August 13th in the UK via Island Records. “Party Like A Rockstar”, has been the #1 ringtone across the US for four weeks and has already been certified Platinum with over 1.6 million downloads.

It all happened so quickly. Or so it seems. One day Sheed, Meany and Fat were grease monkeys at a makeshift garage in their Bowen Homes neighborhood, the next they were swiftly-rising hip-hop stars, progenitors of a growing musical movement they call ‘‘hood rock.’ Hailing from the notorious Bankhead area of Atlanta, the stomping ground of some of the city’s most successful hip-hop artists including T.I., the guys worked on cars, hustled, did whatever they could to make ends meet and when their work was done for the day, they turned to their true passion: making music. Their unique, groundbreaking style didn’t go unnoticed. Local producer Richard “Fire” Harris offered to make beats for the group while businessman Brian “Bingo” Ward took the guys under his wing, put them in his studio and recorded a bevy of songs including the group’s signature tune “Party Like A Rockstar,”

Soon after its release, “Party Like A Rockstar” set off a frenzy of activity at radio and clubs throughout the southeast and spread like wildfire across the country. “Rock stars party freely,” says Sheed. “They don’t hold back. That’s the way we like to party.” As for their definition of the newly-created sub-genre known as ‘hood rock, Sheed says, ”It’s got energy and a rock feel to it but at the same time it’s all about rocking the club, getting the club charged up.”

“Party Like A Rockstar” is taken from Shop Boyz’s debut album “Rock Star Mentality”.

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