Seventeen year old Rika releases video for The Others

Hailed as a breakthrough artist for 2018: Rika first gained attention in December 2016 when her track “For Peace In Syria” went viral because of its heartfelt and powerful lyrics. “As a child myself—at the time I was 16—I just connected with it,” she says. “They did nothing to deserve what hit them. They were just normal children like me, living their lives and all of a sudden this tragedy happened.” The song hit over 800,000 views on YouTube within a week of its upload and is almost at the 1 million mark!

Now Rika takes the synth-pop route with her new single “The Others” the video of which combines lush dark pop with tropical visuals “I knew that this song was my next release as soon we pencilled the track,” says Rika, explaining “The Others” (co-written by English artist Karen Harding) is about finding true love and why that one person is meant just for you. “It’s about having that special person in your life and how they’re ‘nothing like the others.’ It’s very sweet sounding.”

The vibrant, tropical-themed music video showcases Rika playing a video game where an animated version of herself is searching for love and getting closer to finding it as she crosses each level. The clip also features segments of energetic neon-bathed choreography before ending with the singer finally meeting her perfect guy.

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