Saint Sister release video for new track, 'Twin Peaks'

Hailing from the North of Ireland, Saint Sister have already made an impression with their 2016's Tin Man. Their new track, 'Twin Peaks' is taken from their upcoming album, Shape of Silence and is a sharp change in direction for the band.

Twin Peaks is a song deeply steeped in denial but entirely blissful. The lyrics are laced with an underlying juxtaposition between blind optimism and desperation. “It’s an instinctive reaction towards a friend who was going through a difficult time. What I wanted to say was, ‘let's just do all the things we enjoy, let's block out the rest of the world, let it just be us for the next while and don't worry, we don't have to think about anything that will upset you.’ It's a desperate act but also one born out of a lot of love and good intention” - says MacIntyre.

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