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Rocco DeLuca to release his debut album

Rocco DeLuca has packed more adventure and trial into his twenty seven years than most aspiring musicians can hope to do in a lifetime. The result of this is his debut album "I Trust You To Kill Me".

Born the son of Bo Diddley’s touring guitarist, DeLuca spent his youth on the road with his dad where joining in with band practice seemed preferable to sleeping in the tour bus. After securing a residency at LA’s famed Gypsy Lounge, DeLuca opened for Taj Mahal, John Mayall and John Lee Hooker amongst others and soon a demo passed to Kiefer Sutherland and Jude Cole’s Ironworks label became the starting point for his forthcoming album.

It was this life on the road and the absence of an atypical upbringing that have given DeLuca and edge and an attitude that so far has served him well, and no doubt played some part in the attraction for Sutherland, himself one of Hollywood’s non-conformists.

DeLuca’s use of the Dobro steel guitar give his songs a distinctive and rich foundation evident from the first chords of album opener Gift. DeLuca’s background extends beyond the boundaries of blues though and tracks such as the jubilant singalong of first single Colorful (released June 5th), the country-tinged Mystified, and the six-string workouts of Swing Low and Gravity have drawn comparisons with the likes of Jeff Buckley, Pearl Jam and Led Zeppelin.

Coinciding with the release of I Trust You To Kill Me, DeLuca will be the subject of a Sky One road movie that goes out on the same day as the album release. The documentary will feature Rocco and his band The Burden, a sound engineer and Kiefer Sutherland (chipping in as the band’s roadie) on a small European tour and was filmed over the Christmas period.

Rocco DeLuca and The Burden also performed two electrifying sets at America’s major showcase festival, South By Southwest in Austin, TX. Look out for him heading to the UK for live dates in May.

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