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Retrospective Claim

The Claim have a compilation of their 1985 – 1992 material reissued today (Monday, 28 September) via Rev-Ola.

Press release:

Formed in the mid-1980s, The Claim hailed from Cliffe in Kent and emerged as part of the Medway Valley scene of bands which reared The Prisoners, The Dentists and The Milkshakes. Black Path is the first-ever CD of The Claim, a retrospective drawn from two albums and various singles issued between 1985 and 1992. Many of these records fetch high prices on eBay today, perhaps prompted by their association with the C86 scene. Their poignant, melodic style attracted comparisons with both The Jam and The Smiths as well as some of the early Creation Records bands. Today, it’s easy to draw parallels with their contemporaries The Stone Roses and even Blur.

Tracklisting: Picking Up The Bitter Little Pieces / Birth Of A Teenager / Plastic Grip / Say So / Mike The Bike (Featuring Vic Templar) / Sunday / Being A Minor * / Between Heaven And Woolworths (For Brian Patten) * / Gullible Stravels / Not So Simple Sharon Says / Christopher / God, Cliffe And Me / Ernestine * / Sporting Life / Dear * / Mrs Shepherd / Treasurehunting / Do You Still Feel? * / Down By The Chimney / Lonely Tarts * / Love Letter / Wait And See * / Mary Stavin / Seen And Done It All / Losers Corner

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