Phoebe Bridgers announces her second album - Punisher - for June alongside new video for 'Kyoto'

One of pops brightest stars Phoebe Bridgers is set to release her sophomore album, Punisher, on 19th June.

To celebrate the announcement she has also shared her new video - 'Kyoto' - check it out above.

The initial plan for the “Kyoto” video was to shoot in Japan in March 2020. When the trip was canceled - for obvious reasons - the video was completed with green screen in Los Angeles. Says Bridgers of the track, “This song is about impostor syndrome. About being in Japan for the first time, somewhere I’ve always wanted to go, and playing my music to people who want to hear it, feeling like I’m living someone else’s life. I dissociate when bad things happen to me, but also when good things happen. It can feel like I’m performing what I think I’m supposed to be like. I wrote this one as a ballad first, but at that point I was so sick of recording slow songs, it turned into this.

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