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Petty cover for Argon 40

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Stay / Free Fallin'

Double A side - Released July 13th

The cover of Tom Petty's Free Fallin' is available as a free download from Argon 40's myspace

The collaboration between singer/songwriter Heather Greene, who also plays keyboards and instruments on the project, and former Powerman 5000 guitarist/programmer/producer Adam Williams, began a couple of years ago when she was living in Scotland working on the follow-up to her critically lauded indie album Five Dollar Dress, and he was in Los Angeles starting a stint writing for Chrysalis. The two worked via the Internet and soon developed a mutual respect for each other's talents.

Upon relocating to the East Coast last year, the two convened at Williams' new studio and soon discovered that when paired in the same room, the music flowed effortlessly.

Ditching the heavy guitar-driven sound that launched Powerman to platinum success, and the acoustic instrumentation that she was accustomed to, the two found common ground in a more electronic sound aided by a small arsenal of synthesizers and drum machines.

Argon 40’s last Double A side release, ‘When The Words Don’t Come/44.66 Days’, was met positively by both radio and printed media. The track was picked up by BBC6’s Tom Robinson, and was also playlisted on TSM Radio, Radio 2XS and Exeter FM.

‘44.66 Days with its snappy, gated snares is a definite nod to Electro, carried along by a hook that further demonstrates Argon 40’s keen understanding of great Pop melodies’. - Mad Dog Magazine

'...a fusion of skilfully produced electronica and smooth, beautiful female voice - new interesting duo in sight!' - Subcity Radio

'...beautifully simplistic yet thoughtfully complex' - Toxic Pete

'...It's the voice that hits you first, a fragile and otherworldly entity...a delicate and half whispered croon that envelopes everything she does in gorgeous audio silk...Argon 40 definitely possess the magic to intoxicate...' - UK Music Review

The video to accompany ‘44.66 Days’, which received national TV airplay, can be seen online at

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