October Drift shares their sensitive side on acoustic EP Naked

October Drift shares their sensitive side on acoustic EP Naked

October Drift, normally known for their extremely loud and exuberant stage shows, has turned down the volume and released a new acoustic EP, Naked, out November 6 via Physical Education Records.

The EP is truly “naked,” exposing a more sensitive side of the 90s-grunge inspired band from Somerset, England. The band strips back their raging, distorted guitars in favour of a quieter and more emotional sound that's highlighted by frontman Kiran Roy’s powerful and haunting vocals.

Naked includes new songs ‘Like The Snow We Fall’ and ‘Still,’ and reworks tracks ‘Naked’ and ‘Cinnamon Girl’ from the band’s debut album Forever Whatever from earlier this year. Roy said the inspiration for the atmospheric EP came when they realized that their ballad ‘Naked’ was a crowd pleaser and critic pick.

“We consider ourselves primarily a live band. A band best experienced in person. We’ve built a reputation as a loud-as-fuck band and throw everything into each set we play,” Roy explained. “It was because of this unexpected fan favourite that we decided to build an EP in the same vein. It made sense to show a different side to the band -- one we haven’t yet shown.”

Roy and band members Daniel Young (guitar), Alex Bipsham (bass), and Chris Holmes (drums) have been mates since high school. The video for the slow-build song ‘Like The Snow We Fall’ includes reflective clips of the band on stage and also as teenagers.

“It's about trying to control our hopes, fears and expectations and accepting things as they are,” Roy said. “We're often sold that A+B=C. You do some course and then you’ll automatically have this great job at the end or that you spend money on a new product and it’ll make you happier and healthier, but the world doesn’t always work like that. This song is about doing your own thing and trying to realise self-worth, even if it doesn’t fit the mould. It’s not always the easiest thing to do.”

October Drift was able to do a short UK tour in February supporting Forever Whatever. Despite being grounded now, Roy said the band has tried to stay productive. “We really were blown away by the response the album got and although it sucks that we haven’t been able to gig for nine months, we really went out on a high.” In addition to putting out Naked, “lockdown has given us plenty of time to write the second album -- and most of the third.”

To find out more about October Drift, visit their official website or check out their socials: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube.

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