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New Wye Oak album for September

Wye Oak release their second album, The Knot on Affairs of the Heart on 7 September.

Andy Stack and Jenn Wasner spent much of the first Wye Oak record, If Children, submerging their songs of youthful love and dread in a distortion haze, but the band's new record starts with a bell. From the first, clarion-clear note, Wye Oak's collective vision is sharpened, a set of songs that sway, stretch and scream while always reaching outward for personal connection.

As ever, Stack's production layers his own multi-instrumental arrangements (he plays the drums with three limbs and his fourth to play the keyboards!) over Wasner's woozy compositions, but musically, too, things sound more precise. There is perhaps less squalling feedback than before, but lingering violin and pedal steel bring out the droming Americana that has always informed Wye Oak's sound. Throughout the album, Wasner's lyrics explore the metaphorical possibilities of the title, assessing ways that our ties to other people define our experiences.

Wye Oak started as two friends from Maryland simply songwriting and recording demos together, but their basement project has since evolved to include two tours of America and Europe and a home on Merge Records (America) and Affairs of the Heart (Europe).

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