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New T.Raumschmiere Single In June

T.Raumschmiere (aka Marco Haas) returns with a brand new single release, 'Sick Like Me', on June 6 on novamute.

The new single, the first to be taken from the eagerly awaited forthcoming album, "Blitzkrieg Pop" (out in August this year), is available on CD, 7" and 12" with 2 remixes from Motor and a new track 'All Systems Go!'

T.Raumschmiere precedes the single with two dates, bringing his full live band to the UK for the first time for a show at London nightclub Fabric on Saturday May 28 and a show at the London Garage on Sunday May 29.

'T. Raumschmiere is the alias of 27 year-old Berliner, Marco Haas. Anti-hero Haas adopted his surreal title from the William S. Burroughs short story, “The Dreamcops.” “Die Traumschmiere” is the German title of the Burroughs’ story. Says Marco, “I kicked out Die and put a [period] after the T so it looks like a name. The wicked thing is it could mean a lot.” In German, ‘traum’ means dream, ‘raum’ means room or head, ‘schmiere’ means spread (but is also slang for ‘police’). “I kinda see the 'schmiere' as my music being 'spread' in your 'head' or 'raum,' and maybe your dreams. Dude, I'm your loudest nightmare!” exclaims Marco.

T. Raumschmiere's cranky electro-punk combines everything from rock to hip-hop into one fuzzed-out, danceable post-apocalyptic assault on the cortex. Haas began releasing brash and damaged music under the T. Raumschmiere name on his own Shitkatapult label, as well as producing music on Kompakt and Chicago’s Hefty Records, all the while maintaining a side gig in his metal/punk band Crack Whore Society.

In 2002, T. Raumschmiere nearly simultaneously released the brutal and experimental The Great Rock and Roll Swindle on Shitkatapult, and the rusty and abrasive manifesto Anti on Hefty. Radio Blackout, T. Raumschmiere's most accessible album to date, was put out by Novamute in September of 2003. With guests like Miss Kittin and seductive female MC Soom T., the nervy record scrapes its way through destructive and metallic Euro-dance gravel and slinky virtual-sex-soundtracks-gone-haywire. The singles, like the minimalist but menacing Monstertruckdriver, and the wailing and anarchic Rabaukendisko, feature remixes by such luminaries as Dabrye and the Bug. New York Magazine gloats that Haas, “… makes guttural techno that sounds something like a monster truck rolling through a rave.” T. Raumschmiere has also been named as one of Spin Magazine’s “Next Big Things of 2004.” Just one listen to this break out artist and it’s easy to see how his minimalistic music is set to achieve maximum success.'

Biography courtesy of AMG.

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