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New Single from Ben TD

BEN TD releases his Double A side single Books and Boats / Once For The Dust June 22nd on Lo-Five Records. (Available via i-tunes.) The single is taken from the album Tiny Movements, set for release July 13th. 'Books and Boats' received spot play on Vic Galloway's Introducing show on BBC Radio 1 last week. 'Once For The Dust' has received spot play on Frank Hennessy's show on BBC Wales.

Tiny Movements is the debut album from Ben TD, a young troubadour of extraordinary talent. From age 14, Ben's adolescence was spent touring the length and breadth of his native Australia with the band Ruby's Grace, alongside his brother Sam. After six years, two albums, two EPs and countless shows, he decided to set out across the globe in search of new territory.

Settling in Glasgow in 2006, Ben soon attracted the attention of Lo-Five. Established by some of the most talented musicians and songwriters in the city's thriving music scene, Lo-Five is a creative collective including the Trashcan Sinatras, Jo Mango, the Brother Louis Collective and El Dog. Ben enlisted the help of Lo Five in-house engineer Calum Scott and together they recorded, in bedrooms, closets and abandoned rehearsal rooms, an album both rich in detail and true to the spirit of Ben's captivating live performances.

The result is a homespun record filled with wonder, an eclectic collection of songs encompassing the melodic introspection of "Once for the Dust", the radio-ready acoustic pop of "Leaves" and the soaring, anthemic spirituality of "Books and Boats". At once worldly and intimate, recalling Fionn Regan and Gillian Welch at their best, Tiny Movements is the journal of a journey so far by an artist whose future travels are sure to be well worth following.

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