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New releases from Shabby Rogue and Volcanoes

Shabby Rogue release ‘My Life as a Secret Agent’ on October 26th via i-tunes and all major download sites.

'My Life as a Secret Agent' is the first single from Shabby Rogue’s album By Hook and By Crook, set for release early 2010. Additional artists featured on the album include: Adam Sutherland, of The Peatbog Fairies; Thomas Truax, who engineered additional takes; and Abigail Hercules, of The Easy Tigers. The original idea for By Hook and by Crook was to build a suite of songs that captured a sense of release: instead what the band created is a dark, sprawling, internally driven piece of work.

The single is a three-minute blast of surf-pop paranoia, built on a riff written in the studio by guitarist Johnny Famous. The lyrics were inspired by a moment of drug-induced anxiety, as lead singer Shaun Litton explains: ‘It’s about a night when I was getting back to my dirty little bedsit in Bayswater. I had no money, all I had on me was drugs, and I had this cartoon stuff going on in my head, like exploding cartoons. And I definitely started to think that people were following me. Nothing: Prozac, elevator-pop, self-help literature was going to calm me down. Not a good time to be me, to be honest.’

TMF cannot condone the use of drugs. The above anecdote is quite chilling. Meanwhile, Volcanoes release their "Shaking That Brass" EP on October 26th on the same day.

Based in Leeds and Sheffield, the band consists of Samson (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Kevin (lead guitar and backing vocals), Boa (bass guitar and backing vocals) and Chris (drums and backing vocals) who pride themselves on their live shows, and since forming in Sheffield in 2005, they have supported numerous bands over the past four years including Arctic Monkeys, The Maccabees, Hot Club de Paris, The Big Pink and Little Man Tate. The infectious charm they carry combined with their ‘overflow [of] energy and enthusiasm,’ has lead to the mass of support across the country from their ever increasing fan base.

They play the following dates in support: Sept 18th - Alchemy Festival, South Kelsy, Lincs / Sept 19th - RNLI Fundraiser, Cockermouth, Cumbria / Oct 10th - EP Launch @The Plug, Sheffield / 16th Oct Feed Me Music @ 229 London / 17th Oct Acoustic Revolution @ The Adelphi / Leeds, 30th The Shed, Leicester

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