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New Oasis Album - Track By Track Analysis By N.Gallagher

Oasis figurehead, Noel Gallagher has offered a track by track analysis on the 11 tracks that make up the new studio album 'Don't Believe The Truth':

1. TURN UP THE SUN: It's that epic it could've and should've been. The
first 3 tracks on the album!!

2. LYLA: It's the soundtrack of our lives doing The Who on Skol in a
psychedelic city in the sky (or something!)

3. MUCKY FINGERS: The result of one too many nights in the dressing
room, brainwashing Gem with The Velvet Underground then thinking "Fuck it! Dylan rules!"

4. LOVE LIKE A BOMB: Songbird's bigger, far more interesting brother.
One for the ladies, as Liam says.

5. THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING IDLE: Having nothing to do is such a massive job that someone had to write a song about it.

6. THE MEANING OF SOUL: Elvis on Red Bull!!

7. GUESS GOD THINKS I'M ABEL: Up until two weeks ago, everyone thought the title was "Guess God Thinks I'm Able"!! Now everyone's confused.

8. PART OF THE QUEUE: Doesn't sound remotely like anything we've ever
done before. Legendary Cuban percussionist Lenny Castro shuffles up a
storm. Amazing.

9. KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE: A Song that totally does justice to the title.
Will be a live staple for years to come.

10. A BELL WILL RING: Ringo's favourite. Enough said.

11. LET THERE BE LOVE: Should've been the last 4 tracks on the album. It took 7 years to finish. Worth the wait?? Oh yes!!

'Don't Believe The Truth' will be released on May 30 with the single 'Lyla' preceding it on May 16. ‘Don’t Believe The Truth’ is the sixth Oasis studio album – their first since the number one multi-million selling ‘Heathen Chemistry’, released in 2002.

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