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Neil Young's Greendale Released on DVD

After a successful theatrical run in over 40 North American cities, Neil Young's Greendale is set for a U.K. DVD release on July 5th 2004.

In Greendale, Neil Young has made what he calls a 'musical novel', telling the story of a three generational family, a cop's inadvertent murder and the sociopolitical evolution of a girl named Sun Green. Not a concert film, Young directs actors on locations on his Northern Californian home turf to create his Greendale, a rural town microcosm of a world in crisis. He shot the film himself on a German Super 8 underwater camera he loves. Then it was blown up to 35mm, giving the film a rough-hewn, almost Seurat-like look.

In addition to the Greendale film, the DVD comes with the documentary The Making Of Greendale, which contains interviews with Neil and the cast plus behind the scenes footage. Additional extras include a live performance of 'Be The Rain', full lyrics of all ten songs and a complete Neil Young discography. The DVD, distributed by Sanctuary Visual Entertainment, will retail for £19.99.

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