Natalie McCool shares her new single - Closure

Natalie McCool shares her new single - Closure

Lockdown might suck but when you can spend it with new music from Natalie McCool, things don't feel quite so bad - and that's exactly what we can now do thanks to the release of her new track, 'Closure'.

Of the single Natalie says "Have you ever wanted to get over someone so much that you figuratively bury them? 'Closure' is the journey you take to finally slamming the door on that person. It's a high energy middle finger to your once beloved. What I imagine people doing when they listen to this song is bouncing around singing the chorus at the top of their lungs - I wanted to create something that is anthemic but also full of humour. Because sometimes, crying and laughing are not so different from one another.

When you are suffering from loss & grief from a bond that's been broken, the emotions you feel are very complex and numerous, the facets of a break-up are many - like a rainbow. This idea interests me because rainbows are always seen as positive, and I believe going through that range of feeling is also positive because it's a necessary process FOR closure.

So I brought this rainbow idea, which is also a big image in the song's chorus, to all of the creative ideas for the single campaign too – the idea of reflection, refraction and spectrum – what is necessary to achieve closure.” 

And, if you're after more of Natalie you could do far worse than check out her awesome podcast, McCool & The Gang.

Image Credit: Robin Clewley

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