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My Toys Like Me release debut album on May 4th

My Toys Like Me release debut album Where We Are on May 4th.

From the press release:

Re-imagining the beats and hooks of dance music’s myriad genres, with an obsessive eccentricity and a childlike abandon, My Toys Like Me release their debut album Where We Are on May 4th on Dumb Angel.

With one of dance music’s unique new voices in Frances Noon, My Toys Like Me have fathomed their own distinctive brand of acidic disco-dub. From the House keys, to the sub-bass rolls of trip-hop and dub, to crunching synths and primitive drum’n’bass, through to the blissed out brass and organ of their downtime ballads, principal protagonists Lazlo Legezar and Frances Noon have concocted a heady post-dance brew.

The urgent club sounds crop up on album opener and lead single Superpowers, a two-fingers-to-authority romp through ‘My Toys’ twisted house; Barnaby, the bands underground touchstone; the rave-funk of Quiet Please and the ‘wonky’ bassline of Skylights. And while Lazlo delights in the re-invention of his dance music archives, Noon provides an endearingly bratish delivery to lyrics that veer from the confoundingly abstract, to the astonishingly blunt.

It is amidst the albums more ambient, organic moments that the true versatility of My Toys Like Me is revealed. The sinister dub and mariachi brass of All Over My Face, the fascinating storytelling of Sick Couple and Making Fire, and the adroit arrangement of production and organic sound on Bats and their Van Morrison cover Young Lovers.

My Toys Like Me's debut album is a genre colliding construction of new era Poptronica.

A track-by-track rundown...

1) SUPERPOWERS – “this embodies the childishly wise attitude, of sticking your fingers up at those who try to give you rational reasons not to follow your instincts.” (Frances)

2) SICK COUPLE - “ This is the third song we made together and the first to make it onto the album. It’s such a great line the rest of the song got thrown away and the picture is filled in by Stano on Violin. He’s a Slovakian Gypsy who was given his antique violin by his grandfather when he was five.” (Lazlo)

3) SWEETHEART – “This song is reversible…either I’m being obsessed over, or I’m an obsessed stalker in denial.” – (Frances) “It’s the first song we wrote after Charlie joined the band, and he’s all over it. We had never actually asked him to play anything prior to that, just asked him in cos we liked him.” (Lazlo)

4) BARNABY – “Barnaby is a girl, one of my alter egos who I struggle with … She wears a woollen bobble hat and looks like a girl version of Where’s Wally.” (Frances

5) ALL OVER MY FACE – “This is a melodramatic expression of obsession with someone so inaccessible, they may as well be a character in a drama about a dream I had once.” (Frances)

6) GRIN & WRIGGLE – “A little story told with few words and an angry synthesiser.” (Lazlo)

7) MAKING FIRE – “this is my favourite song” (Frances). “The percussion was made with two kitchen whisks in my bathroom. This song is kind of a pivotal point on the album but I’m not going to go near explaining the lyrics… They grew out of a conversation we had after Frances was watching a mad lady on the bus” (Lazlo)

8) SKYLIGHTS – “This is all about a new years eve party in a squatted library in Bow in 1992.” (Lazlo)

9) QUIET PLEASE – “About being in charge of your state of mind.” (Frances) “This is one of several tracks that uses sounds created out of the noise my sampler made when it crashed… I’ve been using the same sampler for 15 years, it only crashed once, when I started working with Frances.” (Lazlo)

10) BATS – “ushers in a happy ending” (Lazlo)

11) THE WAY YOUNG LOVERS DO – “This is a cover of Van Morrison’s song. It’s pretty much the polar opposite in mood from the original.” (Lazlo)

In addition, the band will be playing the following shows...

21/05/09 - QUEEN OF HOXTON
30/05/09 - 93FT EAST

Check out the electronic press kit...

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