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Mr Scruff's Special Brew

Listen up tea lovers - avid tea enthusiast DJ Mr. Scruff has been at it again and after the popularity of his Mint & Chilli herbal tea is set to excite taste buds across the nation with the addition of two new herbal blends to his tea-rrific range of make us a brew! organic and fair-trade teas. Inspired by summers spent at his favourite festivals, Scruff's herbal cuppas include new varieties, Big Chill and Look Lively! - teas designed to help turn your tea break into an idyllic moment of calm, or re-energise you to face that mid afternoon "will this day never end?" feeling Made from a blend of organic rooibos, sweet pear, cinnamon extracts and Mr. Scruff's new favourite find, valerian (a natural relaxant), make us a brew! Big Chill tea (named after the festival obviously) may not take you to the Big Chill festival itself, but it will help take you to a calmer state of mind away from the stresses of photocopier jams and reality television. Best enjoyed from your favourite mug whilst lounging on an overly large pillow and contemplating the meaning of life...For those who want to just keep on going throughout the night in true festival style, or who need that extra lift when it comes to the morning after, make us a brew! Look Lively blend is the ultimate pick-me-up cuppa.

A family recipe passed on from his uncle Señor Scruff, Look Lively! blends the Yerba Maté plant of South America - known for it high levels of caffeine - with invigorating lemongrass and peppermint, creating a lively brew that will help turn siesta into full blown fiesta - well, that's what we think anyway and we've been partying for two days straight.... What's more, for the traditional make us a brew! fans out there, Scruff has also decided to relaunch his best selling Mint & Chilli blend. A spicy twist on peppermint tea, Scruff discovered this recipe after a little mishap involving some chillies in his kitchen but decided that it tasted really rather good, and it seems like make us a brew! fans agree, as it's now our best selling blend So, look out in Selfridge's stores for the new make us a brew! herbal tea range, now available in brand new 80% recycled cardboard boxes and completely cellophane free. All Scruff teabags are made from oxygen bleached chlorine free paper and are fully compostable, so the environment doesn't miss out on a brew. Big Chill, Look Lively and re-launched Chilli & Mint make us a brew! organic herbal teas will be available in Selfridge's stores from September, RRP £2.19 for a box of 25 teabags.

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Mr Scruff Tour Dates
Sat 3rd Oct Manchester Keep It Unreal £9
Thu 22nd Oct Southampton Orange Rooms £12
Fri 23rd Oct Ryde, Isle Of Wight Ryde Theatre
Sat 24th Oct London Koko £15
Fri 6th Nov Southport Weekender
Thu 12th Nov Leeds Stylus £10
Fri 13th Nov Oxford Academy £11
Sat 14th Nov Cambridge The Junction £10
Thu 19th Nov Plymouth Hippo £12
Fri 20th Nov Cardiff University £10
Sat 21st Nov Bristol Academy £10
Thu 26th Nov Coventry Cooper Rooms Warwick Uni £10
Fri 27th Nov Liverpool The Masque £10
Sat 28th Nov Manchester Keep It Unreal £9

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