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Morrissey gets buffed

Some people on Moz forums are squabbling about this because the text mentions 'Roy's Keen' but it doesn't appear in the tracklisting. They're a funny bunch!

Morrissey will re-introduce his solo albums ‘Southpaw Grammar’ (Sony) and ‘Maladjusted’ (Universal) on 27th April and 4th May respectively. Featuring new sleeves, exclusive liner notes by the artist, previously unreleased tracks and rare photos, the albums contain some of Morrissey’s finest and most underrated material. Both releases benefit from the artist’s active involvement.

‘Southpaw Grammar’

Originally released in 1995, ‘Southpaw Grammar’ was Morrissey’s fifth solo album and featured the singles ‘Dagenham Dave’ and ‘Boy Racer’. Charting at No. 4 in the UK, the album marked a change in direction and is considered by many critics and fans as Morrissey’s most ambitious and exciting body of work.

The artist has been very closely involved in the re-issue of ‘Southpaw Grammar’, re-sequencing the tracklisting and adding four previously unreleased songs. In addition, Morrissey has provided extensive, personally-written, liner notes and has even changed the album sleeve. ‘Southpaw Grammar’ was, previously, the only Morrissey album not to feature him on the cover. The album also boasts a redesign by Anthony Lui and unseen photography courtesy of Morrissey’s close friend, Linder Sterling.

1. The Boy Racer
2. Do Your Best And Don’t Worry
3. Reader Meet Author
4. Honey, You Know Where To Find Me*
5. Dagenham Dave
6. Southpaw
7. Best Friend On The Payroll
8. Fantastic Bird*
9. The Operation
10. The Teachers Are Afraid Of the Pupils
11. You Should Have Been Nice To Me*
12. Nobody Loves Us*

* Previously unreleased tracks


Released in 1997, ‘Maladjusted’ was the follow up to ‘Southpaw Grammar’. Produced by Steve Lillywhite, the album features Morrissey’s most successful single in the decade between ‘Vauxhall and I’ (1994) and ‘You Are The Quarry’. ‘Alma Matters’ reached No.16 in the UK chart and was followed by the equally superb ‘Roy’s Keen’ and ‘Satan Rejected My Soul’. Well received by critics and fans alike, ‘Maladjusted’ merges Morrissey’s ballad craft with the glam-rock of his earlier work.

As with ‘Southpaw Grammar’, Morrissey has been actively involved in re-issuing ‘Maladjusted’. The album includes a new sleeve, b-sides, extensive liner notes by the artist, rare images and a completely different track sequence. This version also contains the controversial ‘Sorrow Will Come In The End’, which was withdrawn from the original British release. The track features Morrissey intoning, rather than singing, over a backing of manic strings and the beat of a judge’s gavel – an obvious reference to The Smith’s bitter royalties dispute.

1. Maladjusted
2. Ambitious Lovers
3. Trouble Loves Me
4. Lost*
5. He Cried
6. Alma Matters
7. Heir Apparent*
8. Ammunition
9. The Edges Are No Longer Parallel*
10. This Is Not Your Country*
11. Wide To Receive
12. I Can Have Both*
13. Now I Am A Was*
14. Satan Rejected My Soul
15. Sorrow Will Come In The end

* B sides

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