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Minotaur Shock - Microsite

The new Minotaur Shock microsite is now online. The microsite is the work of Paul Farrington of Studio Tonne and Warwick Johnson-Cadwell, whose illustrations are also used on the artwork for the recently released Minotaur Shock 'Vigo Bay' EP and the forthcoming 'Maritime' album (Released June 13).

The microsite allows you to build a mix using sounds and samples from the Minotaur Shock sonic library, and it also features a message from David Edwards (The person behind Minotaur Shock), links to mobile phone ringtones and wallpapers, and a special secret gift for people who can work out how to get it.

The excellent 'Vigo Bay' track is also available at the microsite to listen
to in full.

The microsite can be found by clicking the following link:

Minotaur Shock Microsite

You can also visit David Edwards' own Minotaur Shock website at:

'Minotaur Shock is one man, David Edwards – former sample magpie, electronic musical marvel, remixer du jour and one quarter of near-legendary Bristolian outfit, Bronze Age Fox (lead singer of said outfit, Dominic Jones, also lends his vocals to a track on this EP).

In the last five years, David has risen up the ranks, successfully ploughing his own furrow with records that, whilst throwing nods in the direction of peers like Boards Of Canada, Manitoba, FourTet et al, also managed to preserve a cool musical distance from the "folktronica" scene, as it was dubbed.

His debut album, "Chiff-Chaffs And Willow Warblers", came as a bolt out of the blue, appearing on the then-embryonic Melodic label (now home to Nine Black Alps, Pedro and L Pierre). Mixing and cutting up pastoral melodies with glitchy techno, it exuded a charm to warm the coldest of hearts.

"Vigo Bay" is the first taste of the way that David's music has developed since then - it's more fluid, more complex, more tuneful and even more charming. The title track refers to a bay off the coast of North West Spain, where gold left strewn by a sunken ship is supposed to lie on the ocean bed. In David's own words, it's the sound of "mutant-disco", with him trying to play guitar like David Gedge (of The Wedding Present). "It's harder than it looks," he reveals.

The EP also offers three new tracks that don't feature on the forthcoming album : "Lady Gazelle", "This Side Of Vigo Bay" and "Original Savannah".

"Vigo Bay" is available in two ways - as a deluxe heavyweight vinyl 12" with gorgeous artwork, and as a digital download.'

Minotaur Shock - Vigo Bay

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