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Martha Tilston - Ropeswing (Free Album download)

Folk Princess Martha Tilston has released a new album this week entitled "Ropeswing".
The album will be available as a free download for three months.
Martha recorded "Ropeswing" with her band, The Woods, in churches, woods and the bass player's cottage.
The idea of a free album download "is to see how far round the human race it gets in a few months".
Martha is the daughter of Steve Tilston, acclaimed songwriter and performer, and has been gigging for several years, both solo and as part of the duo Mouse.
Mouse released the album "Mouse tales" before splitting up. Martha then went on to release the "lo fi" "Rolling" and 2005's acclaimed "Bimbling".
She has toured with Roddy Frame, Damien Rice and Nick Harper, and played countless headline shows across the UK.
Download the album from the Pond Life Studio's site here (registration needed).
Visit Martha's website for details of live dates.

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